Same Day Express (SDX)

This courier service is available only between major Cities and Towns serviced by the national airlines.

Christieco Express will collect the consignment within 1 hour of receiving the collection instruction and delivery is usually achieved within 2 to 3 hours of flight arrival at the destination airport.

Overnight Express (ONX)

Delivery of these consignments will be executed by 10h30 on the next working day – for major Cities and Towns only – and before close of business, to all areas within a 50-kilometer radius of a major center.

A “Dawn Delivery” service is also available – in major centers only - with delivery carried out by 08h30 on the next working day.

Next Day Express (NDX)

This service is available for the “not so urgent” consignments that need to be delivered before close of business on the working day following the day of collection.

Road Freight (RDX)

This is a road freight economy service, offered throughout South Africa – with deliveries to major cities and towns usually achieved between 24 and 48 hours – dependent upon distance.

International Courier

Christieco Express offers a comprehensive International Courier Service – covering all major cities throughout the world.

“Special” / “Direct” Loads

Christieco Express offers a pre-arranged, dedicated service – for either “High Value Items” or “Very Large Loads” – where dedicated vehicles are supplied to collect, transport and deliver consignments, thereby reducing handling and exposure to risk. Armed escorts are available to accompany consignments, if required.

Personal / “Face-To-Face” / Home Deliveries

As a result of the expertise developed over the years within other divisions of Christieco Express we are also able to offer those Customers who have this need, an effective Home / Personal “Face-To-Face” delivery service – using our in-house Call Centre facility, where necessary - to schedule deliveries to Customers at their homes or places of employment.