Business Philosophy

Prior to taking on any new logistics contract, Christieco Express places considerable emphasis on learning as much as we possibly can about your business.

We do this because, as your logistics partner, we know that we share the power to influence the relationships that you have with your Customers, since – from your Customer’s perspective – the logistics partner you choose is seen as an integral part of your business.

We link your business dynamics with your Customers’ business world. In contracting with Christieco Express, you entrust your identity and your image to us.

Any contact that your Customer has with Christieco Express is thus experienced as a reflection of your company’s efficiency.

This means that we need to be both flexible and sensitive to your company’s:  Vision, Culture, Business Philosophy, and Quality Standards.

Christieco Express must fully understand and actually add value to your business. We also need to ensure that we enhance and positively influence the relationships that our Customers have with each of their Customers.

Company Background

Christieco Express is a privately-owned family company that is proud to have been in business for over 26 years. Our Director is absolutely passionate about service excellence and is involved in the day to day running of the business with his passionate team members.

The Christieco Express strategy, however, is not to become the largest logistics service provider in South Africa but we do apply much of the “world class” philosophies, strategies, processes and procedures that we have been exposed to, over the years, in the day-to-day running of our business.

Our goal is to offer "all" Customers a truly comprehensive, personalized, “hands-on” and one-stop distribution solution - designed to exceed Customer expectations . . . but within clearly-defined budgetary limitations.

Branch Delivery Network

Christieco Express operates on a “hub and spoke” system – offering a comprehensive national distribution facility to all major cities and towns – via the following main hubs:

Bloemfontein Johannesburg
Cape Town Kimberley
Durban Nelspruit
East London Polokwane
Port Elizabeth Potchefstroom


Christieco Express is committed to using advanced technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall service levels to all Customers.

We currently utilize a specialized, purpose-designed Logistics Software Package - and are able to offer Customers a fully integrated Track & Trace system, with standard features such as:

  • Printing out of Waybills & Labels
  • Printing out of Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports
  • Imaging of all Proofs of Delivery (POD’s)
  • E-Mail & SMS Delivery Confirmation


Due to the value-sensitive nature of the majority of products entrusted to Christieco Express, all processes implemented within the company are developed with a very high-level “security mindset”.

The company adopts a “zero loss” tolerance on all items processed through the Christieco Express network and all high value items are handled under an effective “dual control” system.

All vehicles are monitored via live, “real time” satellite tracking, with all fleet activity – such as unacceptable driving behavior or route deviation – being relayed immediately to a dedicated computer terminal situated within our Operations Control Room, in Johannesburg.

Driver delivery performance is monitored throughout each day – via satellite tracking and cellular telephone communications.


Christieco Express does not automatically insure any goods handled on behalf of Customers and all business is handled strictly in terms of the company’s Standard Trading Conditions.

We are, however, able to arrange Customer-specific Goods-In-Transit insurance cover for those Customers that may not currently have their own facility in place.

Should insurance be required, this must be negotiated and arranged prior to the actual take-on of the contract.

Proofs of Delivery (POD’s)

Christieco Express images all Proofs of Delivery (POD’s) onto our main server, and stores the images on behalf of each Customer – thus reducing the need for unnecessary document storage.

Should a Customer require a POD to be faxed or e-mailed, the relevant image can be quickly retrieved from the system and sent directly to the nominated facsimile number or e-mail address.

In addition, POD’s can be returned to Customers in hard copy – or as images on a CD on a weekly or monthly basis.

POD’s are also available via the Christieco Express web site – thereby affording Customers the opportunity to retrieve them as and when required.